Monday, March 20, 2017

Race During the Progressive Era

Welcome back to my blog. Today's topic is on race during the progressive era. Segregation during this time was a big way of life separating all blacks and whites from each other. Laws such as the Jim Crow laws formed by the supreme court case Plessy vs. Ferguson, set this way of life. During this time, African Americans we treated not as well as whites were treated. Places such as schools, public bathrooms, and restaurants were poorly treated and not clean making it a non safe environment. After reading this article, I now know how the Jim Crow laws affected society during the Progressive era.


  1. I like your topic, but I wish you added a bit more evidence and explained things further such as Jim Crow Laws.

  2. Do you think that W.E.B Du Bois idea of supporting the Jim Crow laws kept African Americas safe like he thought they would?

  3. What were the Jim Crow laws and how did they impact society during this time period?